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Here we meet Jake Starnes, who works for her uncle, but has only been around for about six months. Right off the bat, there are sparks between Lucinda and Jake, though they've only known one another for a few days. But, since Jake is an unbeliever, Lucinda must bury her growing feelings of love towards him.

From here on out, the story goes all over the place. If you're not a fan of "preachy" romances, then you probably won't enjoy this book. A good portion of the story revolves around getting Jake to see that God loves him and will forgive him for his sins, no matter how big they are. While I completely agree, when I pick up a romance, that's what I'm looking forward to reading about. I felt that Becoming Lucy was seriously lacking in that aspect.

However, I did enjoy getting to know the many different characters, especially Dove Morris and her family. I can't imagine how hard it must be to grow up in a town where you are looked down upon by many of the townspeople.

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It would be devastating to have your friends be told by their parents that they're not allowed to associate themselves with you because of your heritage. It was nice to see Lucinda and her family stand up to the opposition and become close friends with the Morris family. Dove will have her own book, Morning for Dove, set to release in May View 2 comments. May 08, Patty rated it really liked it. This is the tale of a young lady who was raised in a wealthy, formal household in the late s in Boston, MA. Her parents are killed in a horrible accident and she finds herself alone at Her aunt and uncle from Oklahoma Territory take her in and Lucinda has to learn to adjust to a whole new way of life.

Life is far less structured on a cattle ranch and it takes Lucinda a little while to adjust. In her formal life she lived a life of comfort with servants to care for her. She had no idea ho This is the tale of a young lady who was raised in a wealthy, formal household in the late s in Boston, MA.

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She had no idea how to cook or do chores. She also has had very little contact with young men. On her first day in Oklahoma she meets a ranch hand named Jake and sparks fly. But Jake is harboring a secret. Lucinda slowly learns how to live on a ranch and her relationship with Jake develops; but Lucinda is deeply Christian and Jake has fallen away from the early religious training of his youth. Lucinda's Uncle Ben provides Jake with a Bible and answers his questions but Jake feels he has done something so horrible that even God won't forgive him.

As time passes and Lucinda and Jake start feeling more for each other Jake finally comes to believe that God will indeed forgive him but he must face his past. Lucinda too, must learn to throw off her past and learn to live and love a more relaxed lifestyle and "become Lucy. Her faith in God will certainly pull her through. I did enjoy the book and found that once I started it was hard to put it down.

The tales of life in the Old West seemed to to the time and the romance grew slowly. The tragedy suffered by the town in the story helped to pull everyone together and I found the ancillary characters to be fun. Apr 09, Delia rated it it was amazing. Jake is running from a past that could very well destroy any future he might have with the beautiful girl from Boston. As she and her family introduce him to a God Who loves him regardless of his mistakes, Jake comes to realize that he must return to the very place he ran away from, though doing so will almost certainly mean his death.

Will God make a way where there seems no way for Jake and Lucinda? A sweet, heart-tugging romance with a strong thread of faith woven throughout. The Haynes family and Lucinda are wonderful examples of what it means to utterly depend on God, and to possess simple, unswerving belief that He is and that He cares.

Becoming Lucy is a wonderful introduction to the Winds Across the Prairie series. May 01, Tamara Tilley rated it liked it. I enjoyed it enough that I wanted to start at the beginning and get the background on some of the characters. Once there, this city bred girl learns the subtle differences between Boston and Oklahoma. At first, Lucinda is uncomfortable with the casualness of life, but soon discovers she likes the relaxed attitude and one hired hand in particular.

Jake Starnes is a hired hand for Ben and Amelia Haynes. A quiet guy with a sad disposition, he finds himself captivated by the beautiful Lucinda. With a jaded past and an uncertain future, he knows he has nothing to offer Lucinda. But soon, he realizes he is willing to do anything to be with her, even if it means losing his life.

The dangerous relationship between she and her treacherous uncle in Boston could have been played out so much better, and the time Lucinda and Jake spent apart seemed tiresome to the reader. May 19, Andie rated it it was ok Shelves: books-won-on-goodreads. In , after Lucinda's parents die, she moves from Boston to the Oklahoma territory to live with her Aunt Mellie, Uncle Ben, and cousins Becky and Matt on their ranch.

While getting acquainted to the rustic lifestyle Lucinda catches the eye of Uncle Ben's troubled ranch-hand Jake, and vice versa.

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Unfortunately, Jake isn't a believer, not to mention the fact that he's hiding a few secrets from his dark past. Should Lucy forget all about Jake and settle for Luke, the shop-keeper's son, or shoul In , after Lucinda's parents die, she moves from Boston to the Oklahoma territory to live with her Aunt Mellie, Uncle Ben, and cousins Becky and Matt on their ranch.

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Should Lucy forget all about Jake and settle for Luke, the shop-keeper's son, or should she follow her heart? All in all, this book is exactly what I was expecting; It wasn't an amazing or even slightly addicting at all read, but it was a love story.

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The heavy Christian influence really bothered me even though it was probably more realistic for how people lived their lives back then the turn of the 20th century. You know Jake's secret, you know what Lucy will do, you even know who the bad guy is I'm not elaborating to avoid spoilers. May 10, Barbara rated it it was amazing Shelves: realistic-fiction , historical-fiction , american-literature. Becoming Lucy was a great book that took place in the Oklahoma Territory during the 's. The main character, Lucinda Bishop, was dealing with the grievances of losing both her parents in Boston, when it was decided that she would move with her Aunt and Uncle back West, until she was of age to receive an inheritance left by her parents.

While learning to become accustomed to the ways of Barton Creek, Lucinda starts to fall in love with her uncle's ranch help-hand, Jake.

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But, things from his past prevent him from moving on with a good future. Will he be able to deal with his past with enough time to make a home and marry Lucinda, or will fate have something else written in the stars? Will he get to her before someone else claims her, or even her life?

This work by Martha Rogers is a great tale of Christian Faith and belief and the power of repenting, forgiveness, and greatest of all, the all-conquering power of love! Aug 17, Fv rated it liked it. Sometimes I wonder about an author. Do they really read what they write? I was enjoying this book, quite a lot , until the pumpkin. No who can take a hard pumpkin, and clean out the pulp?

That is exactly what the author wrote.


Nope, not this pumpkin, it is a special one I guess. It is now ready for the pulp to be taken out. One pan held pulp and another held seeds. Is the author,who is writing about old west,not familiar with pumpkin hardness until it is cooked?